CEP Food Group

The Four Major Food Groups

THE BEATRICE INN: The Beatrice Inn is an edgy, underground version of the traditional New York chophouse with a glowing two-star review from New York Times critic Pete Wells.  Executive Chef Angie Mar, recently named Thrillist’s NYC Chef of the Year, continues to raise the bar.  From the Beatrice Inn’s first incarnation as a New York prohibition-era speakeasy in the 1920s, to its 50-year run as an Italian red-sauce joint, to the legendary nightclub, New York’s diverse and ever-charismatic clientele have always had love for this West Village gem. www.thebeatriceinn.com

CULINARY COUNCIL: The Creative Edge team has been the industry leader of food design and innovation for over 27 years by immersing ourselves in collaboration. We cook with influential chefs, study with restaurants around the world and consult with international leaders in the food industry.  We constantly explore up and coming talent and trends that span the field between cuisine and design.  This is how Culinary Council was formed as a way to innovate, incubate and support a new generation chefs, designers and purveyors both internationally as well as internally. We launched with Chef Pete Evans from Australia and in May 2014, the CC began to host Chef Flynn McGarry and his pop-up restaurant Eureka. The Culinary Council has become a global exchange program that allows top chefs from around the world to immerse themselves in the New York catering world, while sharing their unique culinary artistry.

WEST EDGE: Located above the beloved Chelsea Market and positioned immediately over one of the world’s most innovative public spaces, the Highline, West Edge reveals an unparalleled view of New York City’s coveted western waterfront through it’s 200’ of 14’ high windows.  This vast view lends itself to both the serenity of a sunset on the Hudson as well as the energy of the people walking the Highline.  Find your view, at West Edge. ww.westedgenyc.com

DESIGN STATION: Our clients choose to work with us for two major reasons – the quality of our food and our design aesthetic.  We believe these two elements must balance each other out.  In 2012, we renovated a 10,000 square foot abandoned train station within MANA Contemporary to build our Design Lab.  Creative Edge’s design team works together to create a “once only” experience that matches our clients’ visual and marketing goals.