We are
Creative Edge Parties

Creative Edge Parties is a culinary design agency in NY, FL and DC.

For over 35 years, Creative Edge Parties (CEP) has explored every aspect of the hospitality business including catering, award winning restaurants, high-end concessions, cafes, event venues, event design and large-scale production.

CEP has distinguished themselves by being the “thought leaders” in the hospitality industry. Our company value is that food should be “simple and brilliant”. Food does not need to be complicated but does need to be delicious. Presentation does not need to be fussy but should be articulate and smart. Staff needs to be accommodating but not intrusive.

We learned early on that to have a fully satisfactory guest experience we had to take focus on more than just the food. We studied the connection between food, chef/guest interaction and design presentation. We reimagined all guest touchpoints from the plate to the visuals of the staff uniform right through to the presentation.

CEP’s unwavering commitment to changing the perception of the word “catering” has been our driving force. Supported by an accomplished culinary team, CEP develops dining experiences that transcends outdated silver tray service — backed by our distinctive operations acumen — we have become the industry’s creative leader.

Creative Edge Parties. Not just another chicken dinner.

Carla Ruben
President & Creative Director