The Team

I get by with a little help from my friends.

As the adage goes, it is all in the delivery — no matter how pristine the dish, the flavor falls flat if it is not served with the same passion with which it was created.  This simple idea is the core to cultivating our brilliant food.

From sales to culinary to design and service, our teams work (together) to push all the limits – we do not believe in cookie cutter events.

Our culinary team is a collection of serious professional foodies that work together to create immersive food experiences that step outside of the safe & typical catering mentality.

We know that any event that you are planning has to represent you – whether it be your brand launch, your special day or your company party, we custom design to enhance, immerse and excite your guests with carefully composed food with visual impact.

We have stayed very focused on our three main values: incredibly delicious food that is strikingly presented without being overly tortured.  We are the largest “boutique brand” that has done it all and continues to uphold versatility and balance in both our culinary expertise and our extra ordinary design.